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The Pantheon PWC1 is a high-performance wall cylinder with an architectural design delivering cost-effective illumination. Using chip-on-board technology, the single-sided cylinder with reflector options offers three beam spreads, while the double-sided cylinder offers up to nine combinations of beam spreads. The single-sided luminaire may be mounted as an uplight or downlight.  Depending on the required light level and uniformity, the PWC1 can be mounted from 8 to 16 feet and is capable of replacing metal halide fixtures up to 100W.

Power consumption is 21 watts for the single-sided model and 42 watts for the double-sided model. The color temperature is 4100K with a CRI of 80.  Beam spreads may be medium, wide, or extra-wide and may be mixed or matched in the double-sided variant to achieve a variety of effects or performance.


Options include fusing, surge protection, photocells, and emergency battery backup.

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