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Certifications & Awards

Pantheon's PAF2 is a flexible area, flood or wall mounted luminaire for parking, security, retail centers, industrial parks, universities, public transit centers, office buildings, and medical facilities.  With three color temperatures and a wide choice of optical distributions and control options, the PAF2 is designed to replace metal halide lighting systems from 150W to 400W.  As an area light, the luminaire may be mounted at heights from 14 to 25 feet depending on the required light level and uniformity.  The optional soft glass lens, available for increased visual comfort, and the high calculated lumen maintenance make the PAF2 an ideal choice for budget-sensitive applications where minimal maintenance is desired.


The PAF2 luminaire is available in wattages of 65w, 81w, or 112w with delivered lumen output ranging from 6100 lumens up to 16,000 lumens depending on the selection.  The LED light engines are available in 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K color temperatures with a CRI of 80.  Light distributions for the area and street lighting run the full gamut from Type I for long and narrow paths and streets to Type V for general area lighting.  A narrow beam flood optic with NEMA 4 distribution is also available.


A wide range of mounting options expands the luminaires versatility and includes the standard curved arm (ARM), as well as slip fitters for top or side mounting, trunnion or yoke mount, or wall bracket.  Luminaire options include fusing, surge protection, motion sensors, and twist-lock photocontrol receptacles for 3-, 5-, or 7-pin photo controls.  Optional accessories include house side visors, wire guards, and adapters for pole top and wall mounting.

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